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Beyond my motivation to create products that are better for both people and the planet, I also have an intellectual curiosity regarding design. 

Please find below some essays/blogs where I explore different design theories as well as the impact design can have on culture, society and the environment. 

Modern Art

Modernism and Gender Inequality- An annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliography exploring modernity through a range of disciplines such as fashion, interior design, literature and art to identify how they impacted gender equality.

Happy Children

ModSkool- an example of decolonised design

This case-study identifies how decolonised design was successfully utilised in the design of ModSkool.

Mobile Phone

An essay discussing the extent to which mobile phones reflect the principles of social design

This essay discusses whether mobile phones can be considered to reflect the principles of social design within the context of sustainability, childhood, and inclusivity.

Worlds End South Africa

Influences and impacts of developing water pumps for use in countries without access to clean water

I evaluate how the design of water pumps has developed over time by assessing two different design approaches and their impact on society and culture.

Wheat Field with Cypresses

How was redesign utilised by postmodern artists to subvert the certainties and methodological principles of the modernist movement?

This essay explores how postmodern artists utilised redesign in order to supersede the monolithic ideologies of modern design and create a world where anything goes.

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Vintage Postbox

Chapter 12- 'Product Experience- A Multidisciplinary Approach', Schifferstein

Summary and key findings from 'Product Experience- A Multi-disciplinary Approach' by Schifferstein.

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