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Tequila bottle & branding

Deconstructing the Brand

Extrapolating key shapes.


Inspiration taken from key extrapolated shapes above.

Chosen bottle design

Evaluating User Experience 

1. Experience Mapping of chosen bottle design purchase, use and end of use
2. Evaluating pack usefulness and usability using models and testing

Storyboard of Use

Highlighting the developed bottle embellishments (lid and coin) and the user experience.


Packaging Design

Chosen packaging design that encourages sustainability and brand loyalty.

Brand Loyalty 

When the packaging is re-used for purchasing a new bottle, part of a pattern is engraved on it.


Fosters a sustainable, reusable approach to packaging. The user is encouraged to reuse the packaging with every new purchase.


The packaging doubles as a customisable cocktail shaker -there is a growing trend in cocktail culture amongst tequila drinkers. 

User Experience

Novel packaging design promotes a unique user experience.

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