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About me

From birth, every moment of our existence is shaped in some way by design. Everything we interact with was, at one time, no more than an idea in someone's head. I find the process of creation, from idea to reality fascinating. 

As a designer, I am focused on utilising technologies and innovative thinking to create solutions that can bring about meaningful change. I am motivated by creating products and experiences that are better for both people and the planet.



Industrial Design 
Loughborough University

First class honours (1:1) for 1st Year

I'm currently a second-year student at Loughborough University studying Industrial Design.


Throughout my studies, I've worked on both individual and group projects, utilizing tools such as empathy mapping, personas, user journeys, and bodystorming to create innovative solutions for design briefs. I've become proficient in using industry software, including Solidworks, InDesign, Figma, Miro, KeyShot, and Photoshop.


Additionally, I'm an active member of the Loughborough Design, Enterprise, and Music Society.



Product Design 
University of Edinburgh 

I spent a year at Edinburgh University studying Product Design, where I achieved a first-class.


During my time there, I gained an understanding and appreciation for the impact of design in social, political, and environmental contexts. Additionally, I learned about different approaches to design, including decolonized design, and how to effectively utilize these ideologies.


Bryanston School 

I achieved A*AA grades respectively in Product Design, Physics, and Maths. It was during the Product Design A-Level course that I discovered my dedication to creating meaningful solutions to problems using cutting-edge technologies.


Furthermore, being a Music Scholar allowed me to develop my teamwork, self-discipline, and performance skills.

Work Experience

Jul 2023

Intern at Warn+Co 

  • Internship focused on a Resource Management Optimisation project to improve efficiency, transparency and data-driven decisions across the business.

  • Independently, I analysed user requirements, researched solutions and pitched ideas to the MD.

  • I managed the evolving customer requirements.

  • Implemented a new intuitive resource management system which improved the process of time tracking, office attendance, holiday booking and resource management.

  • I mapped the processes, designed Excel tools to streamline invoicing and delivered live training sessions with employees.


Jun 2023

Work Experience at PriestmanGoode

  • Conducted comprehensive research on the challenges neurodiverse individuals face in accessing and navigating transport systems.

  • I developed a deep understanding of their unique needs and perspectives in relation to transportation.

  • Created personas and user journeys to identify key touch points and pain points within the transport system.

  • Identified insights into areas for improvement and generated potential solutions.

  • This experience enhanced my research, design, and communication skills, reaffirming the importance of inclusive design in creating an accessible world.


Front of House at Honesty Group 

  • As a front-of-house team member, I provide good customer experience with attention to detail.

  • Quick thinking and problem-solving skills ensure challenges and complaints are resolved effectively.

  • Communication, time management, and adaptability enables efficient operations during peak hours. 

Certifications & Achievements

Feb 2023

Introduction to UI and UX Design Course (Codecademy)

Jun 2023

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certificate in Agile Project Management 

Jul 2020

Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success (Imperial X)


Jun 2019

Music Performance Diploma (DipABRSM) -Flute 


  • Studied the theory and methodology behind UI & UX.

  • Created flow fidelity wireframes.

  • Developed them into high fidelity, interactive prototypes using Figma.

  • Completed assessments and projects.

  • Acquired the skills and knowledge to manage projects responsively and flexibly. 

  • Learnt how to manage time and requirement constraints in an flexible manner, to account for change and risk.

  • Provided me with a broad set of agile frameworks and techniques. 

  • Gained an understanding of a range of tools and techniques to enhance creative and innovative thinking.

  • Applied the theory with group projects and exercises.

  • The course has enhanced my ability to approach problems from different, new angles and produce original ideas. 

  • Learnt how to communicate ideas in innovatives ways.

  • Tools included: 6 Hats Thinking Tool, TRIZ, SCAMPER.

  • Compiled a balanced recital programme. 

  • Research and assembled programme notes.

  • Talked with confidence about the music and instrument. 

  • Performed for a board of examiners.


Software: Figma, Solidworks, Keyshot, Indesign, Photoshop, Miro, Microsoft Suite, OnShape

Design: Task Analysis, User-Journeys, Empathy Mapping, Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Bodystorming


Soft: Interpersonal Skills, Self-discipline, Time Management, Organisation


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